July 21, 2024

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The 10 rules of defensive driving

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defensive driving

Road accidents happen and always have a reason to happen. This is why it will always be important to adopt a cautious attitude while driving .

But what is defensive driving ? How to achieve it? Today we are going to talk more about defensive driving and provide you with 10 essential rules to achieve it.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving consists of adapting to all the circumstances that can influence driving and anticipating dangerous situations.

As part of defensive driving , you can get a set of techniques that allow the driver to depend on his behavior in order to avoid any accident.

It is not necessary to avoid an accident in order not to be injured on the road, but it is only necessary to know how to anticipate.

vision technique

It makes the driver look in front of him at the area where he will be in a short time.


Space management

Anticipation is taken into account, to evaluate any management in space. In this case, the road or any city street.

Keep a safe distance that guarantees a reaction of at least 3 seconds.

Observe your space on the sides, to avoid areas of uncertainty that could be invaded by other drivers.

There is no doubt that during this period the number of accidents increases considerably, due to weather conditions, and that is why we also want to provide you with 10 basic rules of defensive driving .

Defensive driving rules

Obey road signs

The first rule of defensive driving is to obey traffic signs. According to research, most road accidents, whether in the city or on the highways, were caused by drivers who violated traffic signs or regulations.

Compliance with these signs allows us to drive correctly on the different roads, and they are also taken into account as prior information.

Use of seat belt

Studies show, through research, that using a seat belt reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of an accident by 80%.

This is a basic rule of defensive driving . If you disregard the other rules, wearing a seat belt will not help you prevent accidents , but it will provide protection in the event of an incident.

One of the biggest driving mistakes is driving on the road under the influence of alcohol. It causes distractions, sleepiness and speeding.

Alcohol inhibits the ability to respond to any space management.

night driving

The risk of having an incident increases at night, when traffic is faster and visibility is poorer.

Driving at night alters the perception of the environment. You must take into account defensive or defensive driving , to avoid any accident by reducing speed, because it becomes more importa

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